About The Renaissance Education Group, Inc.

img-reg-wallAbout The Renaissance Education Group, Inc.

The mission of The Renaissance Education Group, Inc. is to provide educational programs and services to at-risk, underserved, and disadvantaged youth, their families, and organizations and institutions that work with them.

Renaissance will achieve this mission by providing after school, co-curricular, and summer programs for first-generation, socio-economically disadvantaged, or otherwise at-risk youth through programs that promote academic achievement, skill development, and academic enrichment.

It will also work to strengthen the educational pipeline by: eliminating educational disparity in post-secondary education and career preparation, supporting and encouraging the establishment of youth development initiatives that facilitate leadership development, resiliency, and technological literacy, providing technical assistance and capacity building resources for youth development and college access practitioners. These strategies focus the energy, talent, and community resources of this emerging organization towards its vision to be the educational resource center of excellence. This vision is in alignment with the organization’s governing values: personal mastery, educational access, leadership development, and resiliency.

The organization’s vision is served by a full-time Managing Director, a board of directors, and a community board of advisers. In addition, Renaissance enjoys community relationships with:

  • The North Carolina Commission on Workforce Development,
  • The Triangle Urban League, and
  • The North Carolina Association for Educational Opportunity Programs.


Renaissance enjoys non-profit status, as determined by its 501(c)3 designation.



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